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How To Use – Best Secrets Solid Explorer File Manager Application For Tablets To Make It Better (Updated).

It includes extra features to support ZIP file and a root explorer. File Manager is another Android file management app that has the attractive style of Google’s Material Design. The File Manager has a well all-around file manager features for Android smartphones and tablets. This file manager arrives in a clean single-pane view and a side folder. This file manager provides facility to bookmark your folders and shortcuts pictures, screenshot, music, and movie folders as well as your download files. Users can copy, delete, rename, share, and search their files.

  • I have removed the latest version of ES File old Solid Explorer File Manager apk Explorer and installed a old version from Stream & Tech filelinked store and it is working perfectly.
  • It’s well packed in terms of features as well, offering dual pane support to swiftly copy/paste your content between folders.
  • It can also compress / decompress ZIP/RAR archives without a problem.
  • Moreover, you can stream the videos with your favourite media player, as the app allows you to integrate it with the MX Player the media playback would be very smooth and hassle-free.
  • It has a simple user interface which is very easy to use.
  • SMB and FTP connections are provided in this file manager program.

Here i am using solid explorer you can find the root directory in the menu. Editing the build.prop file you need File Manger which accesses Root directory and for that, you have to root the device too, So first root the device then follow these steps. You can use a free file manager like File Explorer Root Browser, Root Explorer and paid File Manager Solid Explorer. This file manager support system access and root directory access. I bought the paid version and there were STILL ads on the home screen and I couldn’t find a way to disable them.

Where Can I Get This App?

However, this one is clean, it works well, and it’s cheap with no advertising. Solid Explorer is one of the most effective applications to manage files on dedicated cloud storage for Android devices where the files are automatically arranged in alphabetical order. The application offers lots of stunning features such as storage analysis, organize report files, root explorer, batch rename, and many others.

With File Commander, you can manage documents and files in your device. The app has features whereby you can convert files to your desired formats. File Commander also has features like a secure vault, cloud storage, recycling bin, file bookmarking, storage analyzer, etc. With its cloud storage feature, you can save your files in Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. File Commander supports USB-OTG external memory devices.

How To Install Viper4android On Android 8 1 Oreo

The free version of Scene Switch is recommended to try first. This application will not send any personal data to the developer or anyone else. ▶ People who use their smartphone with gloves or have problems touching the normal soft keys. The sensor area of this app is customizable, so everyone can find the perfect size. This will fix bootloops that could be caused by modifying device fingerprint properties.



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