This Victrola fits perfectly on a bedside table while also giving your room a subtle pop of color. Reminiscent of an old jukebox or car radio (complete with retro-styled “STEREO” lettering on the front grill), it’s a fun twist on a traditional digital alarm clock. Ditch the monotone sound of your phone’s built-in alarm for some of your favorite albums. Single-day alarms are also available, as are 10 alarm-only noise makers that can likewise be set to ramp up slowly or blast fast. These also automatically function as backups should you lose your broadband connection. It’s modern look will sit nicely in most bedrooms, and the sound quality is very impressive for the small footprint.

Our mission is to provide the best auto repair and maintenance in Colorado. In most cases, there are codes and diagnosis standards that can help a mechanic pin down the problem. Whichever the case, it is essential to get your ECM checked as soon as possible. Here is a brief look at a couple of reasons that would cause your ECM to go bad, including the symptoms to help you diagnose a faulty or damaged unit. It can cost anywhere from $200 for a refurbished engine control unit to $2000 for a brand new engine control unit from a dealership. If the codes come back then you will need to investigate each one and their associated sensor or system for problems.

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Replaced another Sony cube clock radio that died after about ten years. I dropped the thing because I plugged it in with the chord still bound up (don’t do that) it hit the ground pretty solidly and it seems to have not bothered it. DAB is about 1000% better than FM and I’m probably underplaying that number. Unlike the Siesta Rise, it has two direct-access preset buttons for instant access to your two favourite radio stations, and a generous 60 presets in the full list.

The upgraded wake up light includes more features, you can set the lighting time, lighting brightness and alarm volume. Sangean RCR-30 is a 10.5×7.12×3.5-inch clock radio with a feature-packed design that satisfies the needs of most people. The radio, for instance, has ten radio presets that you can use to store your favorite channels. It tunes both AM and FM stations and has a built-in speaker with a loud front-facing design. You can switch between the AM and FM stations on demand via the provided remote control. Sangean also has an industry-leading Bluetooth 4.0 adapter that supports class II wireless audio streaming.

  • Working by flashlight, in a rush to get the power up and running, they might skip over critical safety steps during setup.
  • Other small design details can also make a big difference, like the placement of the alarm’s buttons and how intuitive it is to set up straight out of the box.
  • The volume range is good – the dial goes from 0 to 32, and the speaker quality is by far the standout feature.

The speaker has far too little treble out of the box, though the default bass setting is just right. Overall, the sound is better than you’d expect from a clock radio, but not as good as you’d want from a $250 Bluetooth speaker. Sorting through your options means considering a few critical factors, including battery life, range and tuning, ease of operation, size and weight, and price. We were also disappointed that the radio doesn’t feature a separate input selection for its aux input.

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With that said, it also has an ample amount of power for you to use, up to 6600 peak watts, and up to 5300 rated watts. Even the solar charging feature is easy to use, which helps to make this device incredibly useful in emergencies. Fortunately, there is a charging cable included with every order, so the power station will always be ready for you to use. While first established to monitor on-road vehicles, federal regulations were added in the 1990s for small off-road engines with less than 25 horsepower—such as those found in portable generators.

Bottom Line Aluratek AIRMM03F is a very compelling option that does almost everything an internet radio can do, which is surprising given its affordable price point. If you’re looking for portable design, good sound quality and social network integration in a single, slim package, you may have just found the best online radio for the job. Bottom Line When it comes to picking up a simple, beautiful, affordable internet radio that sounds great – Ocean Digital WR-336N is hard to beat. It is simple, reliable and comes with a large selection of accessible radio stations in addition to local streaming options with your UPnP/DLNA devices. Quite comfortably one of the best value internet radios on the market today. The internet radio allows access to more than 28,000 internet radio stations around the world.

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All of these added features in the Ryobi app have the potential to prevent trips outside to the generator in inclement weather. Although the Honda app doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Ryobi app, it does show the current power usage, which is critical to properly managing the generator’s power output with any precision. This figure appears both in number form and on an easy-to-read dial, as on a car’s speedometer. Beyond that, the app records overall engine hours and shows service reminders about oil changes, filter cleanings, and spark-plug replacement. It indicates whether the eco mode is on or off but offers you no way to control that function remotely. If you’re looking for a powerful electric generator at a more modest price than some of the other options, then consider this option from Duracell, one of the most trusted names in household batteries.



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